Sunday, October 21, 2012

Information To Go—How Salespeople Can Benefit Using Custom Flash Drives

Salespeople spend most of their time soliciting new business. Their efforts typically include lengthy presentations designed to promote the value of the company and the products or services it offers. This process can become boring for even the most enthusiastic salesperson and this will become evident when the presentation is made. To make every client feel the most important, salespeople can incorporate custom flash drives into their efforts.

A thorough sales presentation takes between 30 and 60 minutes, with a question and answer session following this. Salespeople must add enough time for traveling between prospective customer sites and some time to return calls and emails and take a brief break. This means that the typical salesperson can make no more than four, possibly five, presentations in one day. By the time the individual reaches the last meeting site, he or she is usually burnt out. Repeating this process day after day has less than stellar results.

A different, and more effective, approach would be to use the meeting time to highlight the most important details of the presentation. The salesperson can order Bulk Flash Drives and load the full presentation onto these, leaving a drive for each client at the end of the meeting. To get more information about the points touched on in the meeting, clients view the files on the drive. With this method, salesperson and client time is not wasted and clients can review the presentation at their leisure.

In addition to saving time, this approach saves money. The cost of these drives is much less than the cost of lost productivity due to a lengthy sales meeting. When drives are ordered in bulk, the cost is reduced even further and salespeople receive the added bonus of being able to personalize the drives with the company name, their name, and contact information. Clients spend most of their day focusing on their own business, using break or after-hours time to review the sales presentation on the drive.

Time is money for salespeople, so being able to shorten presentation times increases the potential profitability of each day. By being able to visit more customers within a given day, salespeople can make more overall sales. Every prospect gets the personal touch and the salesperson has more opportunities to increase the paycheck, creating a winning situation for all involved.

Salespeople can even use custom flash drives as pre-meeting handouts, providing them to prospective customers at the time the meeting is scheduled. By the time the salesperson arrives for the meeting, the prospect will be well-versed in the company and what it is offering. This will allow the meeting to progress quickly because prospects can use the time to get answers to questions raised by the presentation they viewed.

Salespeople have plenty of Custom Flash Drives to choose from, whatever their promotional budget. Capacities range from 64MB to 16GB and the devices are compatible with the most popular computer operating systems. By personalizing the drives and preloading their presentation, salespeople provide busy prospects with information to go.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Why Hotels and Catering Halls Need to Buy Bulk Flash Drives

Weddings represent big business for hotels and catering halls. To get a competitive advantage, these establishments should take a creative angle with marketing efforts. Personalized Bulk Flash Drives featuring highlights of what the hall or hotel has to offer speak volumes. Couples will throw away standard promotional packets provided by the competition and spend their time reviewing this multimedia presentation on a computer.

While some establishments provide blank drives as promotional items, an ingenuitive catering representative will preload drives with all the information an engaged couple needs to make a venue decision for their upcoming wedding. Promotional packets that consist of sheets of paper are expensive and wasteful. Personalized flash drives are cheaper, reusable, and advertise the business each time they are plugged into a computer. 

Preloading a video of a wedding ceremony performed at the venue shows prospective brides how breathtaking their wedding could be. Though catering representatives can describe this or provide pictures, there is nothing like witnessing it. For personal reasons or to make things easier on guests, many couples choose to hold their wedding ceremony at the same location as their reception. A video of the reception that begins with the couple crossing the threshold of the room builds anticipation for when the camera pans to reveal the beautifully decorated area.

A short video of the dancing portion of the event shows how many people the dance floor can accommodate. It also promotes a DJ or band that the venue contracts with for weddings. Couples can kill two birds with one stone by having their catering contact arrange this entertainment. Last, but certainly not least, a video of the cake cutting ceremony highlights the amazing confection that can be prepared by a chef of the establishment.

Separate files containing information regarding wedding packages and pricing make it easy for couples to access the details. Couples do not need to worry about writing everything down when they visit the venue or keeping track of loose papers in a promotional wedding packet. They can take the drive to a parent’s home and pull up the details so the elders know what they are getting into by offering to fund the event.

A side benefit of custom USB drives is the extra space available on the device. Prospective brides can use this to save their wedding-related documents and budget spreadsheets, keeping all their wedding details in one place. This device is much more convenient for them to carry between home and work than is a wedding folder filled with loose sheets of paper. Brides-to-be can work on their wedding during lunch break and before heading home for the evening, saving everything onto the small drive.

By ordering Bulk USB Drives, catering representatives save money because the price per unit is lower. They can select from various styles of colorful, fun plastic drives or shiny metal drives as elegant as the wedding will be. With the venue name and logo imprinted on the case and the wedding presentation loaded onto the device, no engaged couple will forget their favorite venue.