Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Buying Bulk Flash Drives Makes Sense for Business Owners

Customized Google Flash Drive
If you own a small business, you are well aware of the status of the U.S. economy. Many small businesses have gone under in recent years solely due to the economic recession. Though there are glimpses of light at the end of this tunnel, budgets are still tight for most business owners. Those that sell computer accessories should consider ordering in bulk. Flash drives are just one type of accessory that becomes much cheaper with high-volume ordering.

When ordering inventory, small business owners should take a long-term approach. For a small-scale computer or convenience store, ordering in bulk is the most logical option. The per-piece price is lower, letting more sales filter through to the bottom line. Though more money is spent, this is the most cost-effective approach in the end. Store owners should order enough inventory to get through at least one quarter of the year.

Custom flash drives are available in bulk, allowing the shop owner to imprint the company logo, address, and website on the case. This branding effort goes a long way for a small business. It is difficult to find promotional items that are as functional as these usb sticks. While the competition is selling yet another useless keychain or plastic pen, smart business owners offer quality items like these drives. Customers will be willing to pay the extra price for something they will really use.

Nowadays, the best-selling drives feature a swivel cap, so store owners should add this style to their inventory. The cap protects the drive and the user slides it to the side to plug the device into the computer port. Many versions have a small hook on the end for attaching to a key ring or hook in a backpack, keeping the device within easy access.

Another popular style is made from plastic and metal and features a leather strap that loops over the end of the device. This strap slides under a metal band that secures it to the drive. Business professionals will choose a style like this over a regular plastic drive, especially when multiple colors are offered. Four-color imprinting is available for the leather strap, allowing store owners to be as bold as they desire with advertising.

Most drives are compatible with all operating systems and feature a lifetime warranty. The four, eight, and 32GB capacities will be most popular with consistent computer users, though drives are available that hold as little as 64MB. Devices with smaller capacities are ideal for a convenience store owner that wants to make some impulse sales at the checkout counter.

Ordering Bulk Flash Drives makes good business sense, especially for small operations. Even during the best of times, small business must make huge efforts to keep expenses in check. Store owners will look like they spent big bucks to get the most high-end drives and imprint them with the store name. Customers will not realize that the entrepreneurs actually saved money and made their purchasing less burdensome by ordering in bulk.