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Monday, March 19, 2012

Custom Flash Drives- Good Marketing Tools for Educational Institute

Educational institutions around the globe are witnessing competitive situations for each of their requirements thanks to soaring educational costs. Attaining admission targets in educational institute demands modern marketing tools and advertisement methods. In the today’s world of technology, the tech-savvy youth get attracted of course towards various drives, gadgets. So, the traditional marketing tool “Education Prospectus” that has been used by the educational institutions since long needs to be converted into technological devise. Personalized flash drives have proved to be a hi-tech option for college prospectus.

Bulk flash drives have come up as a substantial marketing tool for colleges and universities to offer a first-hand view of college life or university to the prospective candidates. There are varieties of custom flash drives available in various sizes, shapes, styles and colors which recruiters can use as an alternative for college prospectus. Personalized flash drives, available in most original designs and forms, are going to be most favorite among youngsters as they can be fasten up with the keychain or to their backpacks.

Pen shaped personalized flash drives are also very popular among youth class as the drive that can be pulled out from the top section of pen provides sleek and stylish device for data storage.

The educational institutions can choose the suitable one from sundry bulk flash drives and make it personalized with the school’s name and its logo. Bulk flash drives possess the capacity to store big volume of information containing bulk of documents, video files, audio content etc.

Take advantage of Custom Flash Drives for College Recruitment Process

In the world today, universities and colleges must work harder to maintain registration, on account of increasing tuition fees. Revolutionary promotional techniques in the education sector are required to carry out recruiting targets. Forget about the glossiest color prospectus that is enough to allure students to apply to any college or university. As an alternative, significantly more recruiters are utilizing personalized flash drives to demonstrate potential students just what the school offers.

Whenever recruiters decide on these custom flash drives, they recognize numerous exclusive colors and shapes available to choose from. Youthful target audience will enjoy non-traditional variations like circular designs in bright shades. Custom flash drives, which feature an integrated loop, are perfect for college students because they can be attached to their backpack zip or keychain. College students love such things, which act two in one i.e. both a custom USB drive and a pen as they do two functions. The most notable portion of the writing gadget is it keeps USB drives and it can also be removed for the use.

The moment recruiters find the design they were looking for, they can develop flash drives personalized with the school name and logo. Accompanied by this, the task of information incorporation arises. Since bulk flash drives have capacity for a substantial amount of contents such as audio content, video files, and documents the recruiter doesn't need to be much selective. However, information should be quite satisfactory to fulfill various interests of prospective candidates.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Using Custom USB Drives For A Political Campaign

As we enter the heart of election season, many areas of the country are experiencing heated competition. Everyone who has thrown his or her hat into the ring is feeling the pressure. It is critical for each candidate to distinguish him or herself from the competition. However, campaign budgets are limited and as a result, so are the ideas. Custom USB Drives are one way politicians can gather support and candidates are only beginning to harness their power.

Telephone calls and direct mailings have long been the most common methods of communicating with voters. Technology has expanded the options and politicians should use it to their advantage. Candidates can use the USB drive to come into the homes of voters just as if they were meeting with them in person. This method shows the candidate is thinking outside of the box, something voters appreciate in modern-day politicians.

The USB drive can be personalized with the candidate name, campaign logo, and slogan. With so many styles and colors available, candidates can find exactly what they need. Cool USB drives feature unique shapes and come in hot colors designed to capture younger voter attention. Traditional versions feature well-recognized styling and more muted colors. There are even drives built into laser pointers and pens, the perfect accessories for a busy professional.

Once the customized drives arrive, they are loaded with video, audio, and electronic documents explaining the political views and platform of the candidate. For an additional fee, companies that sell these drives may offer to load the data and even allocate a portion of the drive for permanent content. If the campaign budget is limited, campaign workers can load the drives with information.

The best method of distributing these devices is based on the campaign goals. Some candidates may offer drives to supporters in exchange for a contribution. Others will use them to reward supporters who provide voter contact information. Still others distribute the drives at area campaign rallies, drumming up support.

Campaigns spend a lot of money to obtain voter lists, but custom USB drives may be the only thing they need. Offering these at campaign events inspires voters to lend their support to the candidate. This provides campaign workers with plenty of contacts to communicate with through election day. Voters who are undecided may be swayed in the right direction by the information contained on the drive. They can view the contents when they have time and review it as much as necessary.

Since their invention, promotional flash drives have been used for many purposes. A relatively new idea is to load them with information for a political candidate. The politician has a direct line to voters using a professional method of communication. Voters appreciate the convenient nature of this approach and love being able to get through dinner without a candidate phone call. Once election day has passed, they can erase the contents from the drive and use the device for their own purposes.