Saturday, October 29, 2011

Using Custom USB Drives For A Political Campaign

As we enter the heart of election season, many areas of the country are experiencing heated competition. Everyone who has thrown his or her hat into the ring is feeling the pressure. It is critical for each candidate to distinguish him or herself from the competition. However, campaign budgets are limited and as a result, so are the ideas. Custom USB Drives are one way politicians can gather support and candidates are only beginning to harness their power.

Telephone calls and direct mailings have long been the most common methods of communicating with voters. Technology has expanded the options and politicians should use it to their advantage. Candidates can use the USB drive to come into the homes of voters just as if they were meeting with them in person. This method shows the candidate is thinking outside of the box, something voters appreciate in modern-day politicians.

The USB drive can be personalized with the candidate name, campaign logo, and slogan. With so many styles and colors available, candidates can find exactly what they need. Cool USB drives feature unique shapes and come in hot colors designed to capture younger voter attention. Traditional versions feature well-recognized styling and more muted colors. There are even drives built into laser pointers and pens, the perfect accessories for a busy professional.

Once the customized drives arrive, they are loaded with video, audio, and electronic documents explaining the political views and platform of the candidate. For an additional fee, companies that sell these drives may offer to load the data and even allocate a portion of the drive for permanent content. If the campaign budget is limited, campaign workers can load the drives with information.

The best method of distributing these devices is based on the campaign goals. Some candidates may offer drives to supporters in exchange for a contribution. Others will use them to reward supporters who provide voter contact information. Still others distribute the drives at area campaign rallies, drumming up support.

Campaigns spend a lot of money to obtain voter lists, but custom USB drives may be the only thing they need. Offering these at campaign events inspires voters to lend their support to the candidate. This provides campaign workers with plenty of contacts to communicate with through election day. Voters who are undecided may be swayed in the right direction by the information contained on the drive. They can view the contents when they have time and review it as much as necessary.

Since their invention, promotional flash drives have been used for many purposes. A relatively new idea is to load them with information for a political candidate. The politician has a direct line to voters using a professional method of communication. Voters appreciate the convenient nature of this approach and love being able to get through dinner without a candidate phone call. Once election day has passed, they can erase the contents from the drive and use the device for their own purposes.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Adding Bulk Flash Drives To Increase Your Store Inventory

Retail store owners look for products that provide a large profit margin and consider those that feature low per-piece prices most attractive. Any store that sells stationary or office supplies should consider purchasing Bulk Flash Drives in order to make sure they have an adequate inventory. Technology devices are hot items and these little wonders come in many attractive colors and styles. Imprinting them with the business logo turns these useful products into promotional machines.

Businesses can find flash drives cheap in nearly any size, shape, or color they want. Everything from the traditional bar shape to a version that is also a pen can be found when shopping online. These tiny devices manage to store up to 64 gigabytes of data within a small container. Offering shoppers USB flash drives in an assortment of capacities and colors will make any store more popular. The fact that the four-color laser engraved logo serves as an advertisement is icing on the cake.

When reviewing the types of different USB drives available, a store owner should make sure that the available capacities are large enough and that the data transfer rate is USB 2.0 certified high speed. This ensures that customers have ample storage space and will not wait forever for data to be transferred to their computer. The devices have to be both Mac and PC compatible in order to be suitable for the entire customer base and if drivers are required for certain operating systems, downloads should be available.

Flash drives that do not require an external power source are more user-friendly than those that do. When a lifetime warranty and multi-year data retention are included, customers know that they are receiving a high-quality product. The best vendors offer value-added services that business owners should consider including an auto run feature that automatically opens a certain program and password protection for sensitive documents.

Many customers prefer the most compact footprint available, making the tiniest Custom Flash Drives very popular with retail clients. Small drives that attach to key chains and feature swivel openings are always in high demand. These come in an assortment of metal and plastic finishes and attractive colors like blue, red, silver, black, and white. High quality laser engraving accommodates four colors and will not dull or smudge even when the drive is used daily.

To cater to the business sector, retail store owners should carry both pen and laser pointer styles of these custom flash drives. Working professionals like devices that serve multiple purposes and these come in designs ranging from sleek to attention-grabbing. An integrated clip enables the product to be attached to a holder in a briefcase or tote bag, making it easy to access.

Adding flash drives in bulk to the store inventory is a smart move. Customers are likely to use computers for either business or personal reasons and often prefer to store documents in a location other than the hard drive. USB flash drives are preferred over CDs because they are more compact, easier to transport and use.

Educational Institutions Remain Competitive With Bulk Flash Drives

With tuition costs increasing at many private schools, colleges, and universities, these institutions must go to great lengths to meet enrollment goals. They are pulling out all the stops, wooing new students with lavish orientation events and even providing swag bags. Flash drives are great promotional items to include in these bags because they advertise the school and serve a useful purpose for students.

These days, students deal less with paper and pencil and more with computer keyboard and monitor. Instructors regularly assign projects that require online research and use of computer software like word processing, spreadsheets, and databases. Saving all of their work on a hard drive is often not feasible and USB flash drives are the perfect alternate storage devices. Students can use a separate drive for each of their classes, labeling each one to avoid confusion.

When schools purchase Bulk Flash Drives at the beginning of the year, they start the kids off on the right foot. These devices encourage students to work on projects during free periods. Kids simply bring the small drive to school and insert it in a computer in the lab in order to do their work. There is no need to carry around a bulky laptop or a tablet computer that can be stolen. The cheap flash drives can be carried in a pocket or attached to a keychain or backpack hook.

Schools have a wide selection to choose from when shopping for flash drives in bulk. They will find everything from a traditional rectangular shape to unique oval designs. There are even carabiner clip drives and those shaped like pens that actually work. With an assortment of colors available in each style, a school can choose a color that complements its logo. Students will enjoy carrying the most fashionable drives as a status symbol.

By the time children reach the college level, they are doing some serious work. These students require USB flash drives with capacities of at least one gigabyte. Schools can easily find flash drives that hold up to 64 gigabytes of data when they use a high quality promotional product vendor. These devices feature high-speed data transfer rates so students will not face long wait times to access information. Features like autorun, space partitioning, and password protection are available with many drives and an external power source is not needed.

Schools can request free quotes when purchasing flash drives in bulk that feature lanyards, key rings, and gift packaging. They can even have data preloaded onto the drives at no extra charge, a feature that any college professor appreciates. There will no longer be a need for course handouts because the information can be preloaded onto the devices distributed on the first day of class.

Whether schools select Custom Flash Drives featuring traditional styling or choose one of the many unique designs, they will receive a return on their investment. Parents will recognize that the institution values education and exhibits this through its promotional products. They will be lining up to enroll their children following the information session.